Mike Taub
Graham Barber
Bernie Finniston
Ron Lis

Division ibex_3 - Game: 2022-01-21 #83421 Cumberland Teams (Out of the S46 PDF converter   Hands/Analysis   

Rank Team TeamName Players Score MasterPoints MP2
 1st 1 Team hobblet1 Bernie Finniston, Graham Barber,
Mike Taub, Ron Lis
51 0.4  
 2nd 2 Team saee Abteen Sai, Linda Simmons,
Sylvia Hillier, Tony Corby
31 0.3  
 3rd 3 Team saca16 Jean Arnot, Peter Duncan-Davies,
Sally Cass, Sue Boucher
24 0.11  
 4th 4 Team BARLOW4784 Fatos Meissner, James Barlow,
Maeve Feeney, Shirley Gumpel