1stGitte Hecht-Johansen
Szczepan Smoczynski
2ndAlex Hannon
Martin Baker
3rdKen Barnett
Roy Cooper
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st   Gitte Hecht-johansen   Szczepan Smoczynski 0 122  
 2nd   Alex Hannon   Martin Baker 0 117  
 3rd   Ken Barnett   Roy Cooper 0 108  
 4th   Peter Richardson   Ryan Tan 0 95  
 5th   Nicole Cook   Robot 0 88  
 6th   Brian Callahan   Chris Duckworth 0 85  
 7th   Chris Gray   Sally Relton 0 81  
 8th   Andrew Clery   Eve Brenner 0 81  
 9th   Ian Yates   Paul Hickson 0 75  
 10th   Andrew Ward   Claus Werner 0 48