1stjosephine Bankes
Nicole Cook
2ndFrancis Duffield
Gerald Mullen
3rdJudith Owen
Nicholas Owen
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st   Josephine Bankes   Nicole Cook 57.41 62  
 2nd   Francis Duffield   Gerald Mullen 54.63 59  
 3rd   Judith Owen   Nicholas Owen 51.85 56  
 4th   John Eger   Selina Hamilton 51.85 56  
 5th   Diane Burley   Elizabeth Parker 50 54  
 6th   Barbara Maynes   Jeremy Maynes 49.07 53  
 7th   Margaret Mellersh   Rosalind Brooke-ross 48.15 52  
 8th   Angela Howard   Karen Neale 37.04 40