1stShirley Gumpel
Tony Corby
2ndAbteen Sai
Philip Durrance
3rdAnna Lee
Karen Schulman
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st   Shirley Gumpel   Tony Corby 69.14 74.67  
 2nd   Abteen Sai   Philip Durrance 53.97 68  
 3rd   Anna Lee   Karen Schulman 51.85 56  
 4th   Mike Taub   Peter Davies 51.85 56  
 5th   Caroline Cohen   Rosie Cowley 50.31 54.33  
 6th   Liz Alsford   Mike Alsford 50 63  
 7th   Linda Simmons   Sylvia Hiller 48.77 52.67  
 8th   Bernie Finniston   Ron Lis 45.37 49  
 9th   Avril Munro   Marilyn Brooks 28.09 30.33