1stPeter Williamson
Wendy Williamson
2ndJohn McCoy
Marcia Levan-Harris
3rdAlbert Kitchin
Mike Harbour
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Division RB_5 - Game: 2021-04-23 RealBridge Mid Essex PDF converter      

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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st   Peter Williamson   Wendy Williamson 62.5 37.5  
 2nd   John Mccoy   Marcia Levan-harris 60.83 36.5  
 3rd   Albert Kitchin   Mike Harbour 57.5 34.5  
 4th   Chris Comer   Sheena Millins 51.67 31  
 5th   Martyn Neill   Renee Flanagan 47.5 28.5  
 6th   Lizzi   Mike Wares 20 12