1stPeter Williamson
Wendy Williamson
2ndRobert Elliott
Simon moorman
3rdGemma Fewster
Steve Abbott
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Division RB_5 - Game: 2021-02-26 RealBridge Mid Essex Friday Game PDF converter      

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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st   Peter Williamson   Wendy Williamson 66.67 64  
 2nd   Robert Elliott   Simon Moorman 63.54 61  
 3rd   Gemma Fewster   Steve Abbott 56.25 54  
 4th   George Vede   Maureen Vede 53.12 51  
 5th   Colin Scott   Peter Oake 52.08 50  
 6th   Albert Kitchin   Mike Harbour 43.75 42  
 7th   Chris Martin   Pascaline Mower 42.71 41  
 8th   Lizzie Keane   Mike Wares 37.5 36  
 9th   John Mccoy   Marcia Levan-harris 34.38 33