1stBob Lonsdale
Terry Hines
2ndChris Sharman
Sue Sharman
3rdJohn Brearley
Judith Brearley
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st   Bob Lonsdale   Terry Hines 68.75 143  
 2nd   Chris Sharman   Sue Sharman 66.67 136  
 3rd   John Brearley   Judith Brearley 58.82 120  
 4th   John Warner   Sarah Stille 53.92 110  
 5th   Christine Booth   Rowena Kennedy 51.44 107  
 6th   Dave Parkin   David Kelly 50.98 104  
 7th   Kep Simcox   Pam Mcrobbie 49.04 102  
 8th   Elizabeth Fewster   Liz Hall 46.57 95  
 9th   Hilary Platt   Kate Morritt 46.57 95  
 10th   Charles Nixon   John Gordon 46.15 96  
 11th   Jackie Clough   Mr Ian Clough 45.59 93  
 12th   Helen Dent   Markweeks 43.63 89  
 13th   Anne Lowe   Bev Bond 41.35 86  
 14th   Elizabeth Cleasby   Susan Child 30.77 64