1stShirley Gumpel
Tony Corby
2ndJean Arnot
Peter Davies
3rdMaeve Feeny
Michael Taub
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Rank Player Player1 Pct Score MP2
 1st  Shirley Gumpel  Tony Corby 68.33 82  
 2nd  Jean Arnot  Peter Davies 57.26 71  
 3rd  Maeve Feeny  Michael Taub 50.81 63  
 4th  Sally Cass  Sue Boucher 50.81 63  
 5th  Bernard  Jeremy Morris 49.17 59  
 6th  Janet Langdon  Ron Lis 44.35 55  
 7th  Anna Lee  Karen Schulman 41.13 51  
 8th  Avril Munro  Marilyn Brooks 38.71 48